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Malifaux Teddy

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Teddy is an Enforcer model for the Neverborn faction. 


Teddy is a giant model that draws the enemies attention when he joins a Neverborn crew, and for good reason. While his defence may not be the best, Teddy has other abilities that let him last longer in a fight, such as being harder to wound and healing wounds when it activates (Or even when it defeats an enemy!). It's ability to terrify an oppnent as well as it's high levels of damage output mean it is a force to be reckoned with. 


Teddy does well in crews lead by Master's that can make use of his Terrifying ability, such as Pandora. The Widow Weaver also works well, benefitting if it is close to a model terrified by Teddy, and can always summon another Teddy into play if things go well...