1/72 German Panzer III J,L,M,N Tank

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Easy Assembly plastic injection moulded 1/72nd German Panzer III Ausf J, L, M, N tank. Three vehicles in the box and each sprue gives options to build either an early J, late J, M, N or Flammpanzer and comes with 2 crew figures, schurzen and a variety of stowage. Also available to buy on this website:-Plastic Soldier Company Army spray paints:-SP001 Dunkelgelb, SP002 Early German Panzer Grey, Vallego Paints: VAL862 Black Grey VAL875 Beige Brown VAL846 Mahogany VAL863 Gunmetal VAL997 Desert Yellow VAL979 German Camouflage Dark Green VAL826 German Camouflage Medium Brown , VAL995 German Grey