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Probably the best hobby stock under one roof in the Wellington Region!

The long-abandoned subterranean ruins of the Builders have become the lairs to many creatures, and some even appear to have evolved to take advantage of this considerable ecological niche in the bowels of Xilos. Now, as you fight across the surface against common foe, you will have to deal with the local denizens striking from underneath!

Gulpers are amongst the largest Xilos arthropods, although it’s rather hard to tell how big they are because what is seen of them above ground is only the fore-portion of a much longer and bulkier burrowing creature. Although the visible part of their segmented bodies appear worm-like, this is merely the front or ‘neck’ part of a complex arthropod, similar in its general anatomy to smaller Snappers.

Moving under impassible terrain to appear suddenly from beneath troopers feet, when the Gulper assaults its prey there's no time for point-blank shooting before it engulfs you in its multiple maws of serrated rotating teeth!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Xilos Gulper

SKU: 34846