Clan Pestilens Army

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The sound of booming brass gongs and the appearance of huge clouds of thick, acrid smoke announces the entrance of the Clans Pestilens. The most vile and diseased of the Horned Rat’s progeny, they seek to rot the mortal realms in the name of the Great Corruptor. Everything that stands in their way will fall to rusted, infectious blades and utterly toxic contagion, and the lands left behind them will wither and die in their passing.

The ideal starting point for a new army – or a fantastic way to add reinforcements to your existing collection – this is a great bundle of Clan Pestilens miniatures that’ll light up any gaming table. Included:

- A Verminlord Corruptor, armed with 2 plaguereapers – this can be used to instead assemble a Verminlord Warbringer, Warpseer or Deceiver, with their own weapon options;
- A Start Collecting! Skaven Pestilens set – this includes 22 miniatures: a Plague Furnace, a Plagueclaw and a horde of twenty Plague Monks.