Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors

Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors

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Upgrade a set of 10 Primaris Intercessors – the fighting core of a Primaris Space Marines force – to represent the noble brotherhood of the Deathwatch with this bundle. In it, you’ll find:

Primaris Intercessors

Comprising 266(!) plastic components which can be assembled as either a 10-man squad, a squad of 9 Intercessors with a Sergeant or 2 separate 5-man squads, each with a Sergeant of their own, this is a kit full of extras and details – bolt rifles, auto bolt rifles with overchargers, stalker bolt rifles, 12 pistol holsters (2 empty, for the Intercessors actually wielding them), 10 ammunition and grenade pouches, 6 combat knife scabbards (4 empty), 4 single grenade pouches and 4 bolt pistol ammunition pouches.

Deathwatch Upgrade Frame

Adapt your Intercessors – and a host of your other Primaris Space Marines (the Terminator shoulder pads fit Aggressors) and vehicles – to represent the Deathwatch with this frame of upgrades, which includes:

- 10x Deathwatch Space Marine shoulder pads (left arm);
- 2x Deathwatch Space Marine Terminator shoulder pads (right arm);
- 1x Deathwatch Space Marine Sergeant chest plate;
- 2x Deathwatch Space Marine Sergeant helmets;
- 1x Deathwatch Space Marine power sword;
- 1x Deathwatch backpack icon;
- 2x Deathwatch vehicle/walker icons.