Drukhari Air Wing Detachment

Drukhari Air Wing Detachment

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Most of the time, the Drukhari emerge into realspace from their hidden city of Commorragh in limited numbers. When they come en masse, they are often accompanied by squadrons of aircraft, their pilots' superlative skill ensuring they control the skies.

In this bundle you will find everything you need to build a Drukhari Air Wing Detachment for your Apocalypse games. A pair of Razorwing Jetfighters will see off any enemy flyers, while a Voidraven Bomber devastates forces on the ground with its horrifying void mine.

– 2x Razorwing Jetfighter, each building a plastic fighter with a selection of weapons to choose from
– 1 x Voidraven Bomber, a plastic aircraft with a choice of underslung weapons and a void mine

Rules for Razorwing Jetfighters and Voidraven Bombers in Warhammer 40,000 can be found in Codex: Drukhari. You can download their Apocalypse datasheets from Warhammer40000.com/Apocalypse/Datasheets