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FOW British Unit Cards

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Contains 72 Unit Cards

After years of fighting in the desert the British army is ready to return to Normandy and leave behind the ghosts of Dunkirk.


Unit Cards List
The deck contains the following cards.
British Force Card
Sherman Armoured Squadron HQ
Sherman Armoured Troop (x4)
Stuart Recce Patrol
Cromwell Armoured Squadron HQ
Cromwell (95mm)
Cromwell Armoured Troop (x4)
Comet Armoured Squadron HQ
Comet Armoured Troop (x4)
Churchill Tank Squadron HQ
Churchill Tank Troop (x5)
Churchill (Late)
Motor Company HQ
Motor Platoon (x3)
Armoured Transport
Universal Carrier Patrol (x4)
Vickers Motor MG Platoon
3-Inch Mortar Section
6 PDR Motor AT Platoon (x2)
Rifle Company HQ
Rifle Platoon (x3)
3-Inch Mortar Platoon
6 PDR Anti-Tank Platoon
WASP Flame-Thrower Patrol (x2)
Vickers MG Platoon (x2)
4.2-Inch Heavy Mortar Platoon
M10 Anti-Tank Platoon (x2)
Churchill Crocodile Tank Troop
Humber Armoured Car Troop (x2)
Humber LRC
Daimler Armoured Car Troop (x2)
Daimler Dingo
25 PDR Field Troop (x4)
Sexton Field Troop (x2)
Priest Field Troop (x2)
Sherman OP
Infantry Observer
Bofors Light Anti-Aircraft Troop
Typhoon Tank-Busting Flight
MMG Carrier Transport