FOW German Unit Cards

FOW German Unit Cards

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contains 68 Unit Cards

The German army has spent years crushing the armies of Europe and now it is ready for round two.

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German Unit Cards (FW130G)

Unit Cards List
The deck contains the following cards.
German Force Card
Tiger Tank Company HQ
Tiger Tank Platoon (x3)
Königstiger Tank Platoon
Panther Tank Company HQ
Panther Tank Platoon (x3)
Stug Assault Gun Company HQ
Stug Assault Gun Platoon (x3)
Panzer IV Tank Company HQ
Panzer IV Tank Platoon (x4)
Armoured AA Platoon (x2)
Panzergrenadier Company HQ
Panzergrenadier Platoon (x3)
Sd Kfz 251 Half-Track Transport
Armoured HMG Platoon
8cm Armoured Mortar Platoon
7.5cm Armoured Cannon Platoon
7.5cm PAK40 Armoured Anti-Tank Platoon
2cm Armoured AA Platoon
Armoured Flame-Thrower Platoon
Grenadier Company HQ
Grenadier Platoon (x3)
HMG Platoon
8cm Mortar Platoon
7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon
15cm Infantry Gun Platoon
7.5cm PAK40 Anti-Tank Platoon
Scout Platoon
2cm Anti-Aircraft Platoon
Jagdpanther Tank-Hunter Platoon
Jagdtiger Tank-Hunter Platoon
7.5cm PAK40 Tank-Hunter Platoon (x2)
8.8cm PAK43 Tank-Hunter Platoon
Marder III M Tank-Hunter Platoon
Hetzer Tank-Hunter Platoon
8.8cm Flak36 AA Platoon (x2)
Sd Kfz 234 Armoured Car Patrol (x3)
Puma Armoured Car Patrol (x3)
10.5cm Artillery Battery (x2)
Wespe Armoured Artillery Battery (x2)
Hummel Armoured Artillery Battery
Rocket Launcher Battery
Panzer III OP
JU 87D Stuka Diver Bomber Flight
JU 87G Stuka Tank-Hunter Flight
Infantry Observer