FOW Soviet Unit Cards

FOW Soviet Unit Cards

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contains 58 Unit Cards

The fighting spirit of the people of the Soviet Union has never wavered and now their factories churn out new tanks and guns ready to push the Germans from their lands.

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Unit Cards List
The deck contains the following cards.
Soviet Force Card
IS-2 Tank Regiment HQ
IS-2 Tank Company (x4)
Churchill Tank Regiment HQ
Churchill Tank Company (x4)
T-34/85 Tank Battalion HQ
T-34 Tank Battalion HQ
T-34/85 Tank Company (x3)
T-34 Tank Company (x3)
Valentine Tank Company
Tank Rider Company
ZIS Anti-Tank Company (x3)
DSHK Anti-Aircraft Platoon
Rifle Battalion HQ
Battalion Komissar
Rifle Company (x3)
SMG Company
PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle Company
Machine-Gun Company
82mm Mortar Company
120mm Heavy Mortar Company
76mm Regimental Gun Company
45mm Anti-Tank Company
Scout Platoon
OT-34 Flame-Tank Company
BA-64 Armoured Car Company
SU-76M Assault Gun Company (x2)
SU-85 Assault Gun Company
Medium Assault Gun Company
ISU Heavy Assault Gun Company
100mm Anti-Tank Company
76mm ZIS-3 Artillery Battery (x2)
122mm Artillery Battery (x2)
152mm Artillery Battery (x2)
Guards Rocket Mortar Battery (x2)
Infantry Observer
37mm Anti-Aircraft Company
IL-2 Shturmovik Assault Aircraft Company