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FURY - Flames of War Starter Set

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Fury: World War II Tank Combat (FWBX10)
Fury is your introduction to the exciting world of Flames Of War, the world’s most popular World War II miniatures game. Lead your tanks in furious combat. Use speed and terrain to hit the enemy in their weaker flanks, or trust to your thick front armour and big gun to blow them away. Pit your wits and skill, and the guns and armour of your tanks, against your opponent in this introduction to Flames Of War, the world’s most popular World War II miniatures game.

Fight on to victory or death. Fury!

Fury: World War II Tank Combat Includes:

• One plastic STuG (7.5cm) Tank 
• One plastic, Tiger (8.8cm) Tank
• One plastic M4 Sherman (75mm) tank
• One plastic M4 Sherman (76mm) tank 
• One plastic M10 tank
• Two plastic Tank Commander sprues
• One complete Flames Of War 4th Edition A5 rulebook 
• One Fury ‘Start Here’ booklet
• Two Terrain Cards
• Six dice
• Seven Unit cards.