Ghar Outcast Rebel Quad Mag Repeater

Ghar Outcast Rebel Quad Mag Repeater

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Ghar technology is finicky as best, however when they strap 4 mag cannons together, the results are just flat-out unpredictable. Working at its best, you have a devastating gatling-type gun showering the enemy with an overkill amount of damage. At it's worst it can be a nice distraction for your more valuable units to do their work!

Outcast Rebel Quad Mag repeater team during battle

Dishing out D8 shots, it is best suited handling light to medium infantry or setting up on objectives to deter anyone who dares capture it. A high vantage point will be the best position whilst it gathers a lot of attention, you can afford to lose as it is expendable. This will force your opponent to try and either handle your advancing troops whilst under heavy fire or deal with the support teams which in either case is costly!

Outcast Rebel Quad Mag Repeater Team

Weapon Team Unit

Points Value: 26