Mordor Profiles Card Pack

Mordor Profiles Card Pack

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Mordor. A name that for two Ages of Middle-earth has been synonymous with evil. The barren wastelands and jagged mountains of this bleak land are forever under the fiery eye of the Dark Lord Sauron himself, whose piercing gaze issues forth from atop the mighty tower of Barad-dûr at Mordor's heart. Within Mordor's borders can be found Orcs without number, as well as Trolls and other fell creatures – all of them willing to serve the Great Eye without question.

This set contains 55 cards detailing the forces of Mordor. It includes profiles for Heroes and Warriors from Barad-dûr and Mordor. In addition, you'll find 7 blank profile cards for creating your own Heroes, along with Army Bonus cards for the two factions.

The cards in this set break down as follows:

- 18 profile cards for the army of Barad-dûr
- 28 profile cards for the army of Mordor
- 2 Army Bonus cards
- 7 blank profile cards

A copy of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual is required to make use of the contents of this set, alongside Armies of The Lord of the Rings™ and Gondor at War.