Officio Assassinorum Vanguard Detachment

Officio Assassinorum Vanguard Detachment

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The Execution Forces of the Officio Assassinorum are often deployed into the most nightmarish of war zones, sent to kill key leaders and disrupt enemy forces, sowing havoc that the armies of the Imperium can exploit.

In this bundle you will find everything you need to build an Officio Assassinorum Vanguard Detachment for your Apocalypse games. A Vindicare Assassin provides long-ranged support, while a Callidus Assassin infiltrates the enemy, disrupting their plans. A sinister Culexus Assassins hunts psykers, while an Eversor Assassin simply kills everyone who gets in his path.

– 1x plastic Vindicare Assassin
– 1x plastic Callidus Assassin
– 1x plastic Eversor Assassin
– 1 x plastic Culexus Assassin

Rules for the various Assassins in Warhammer 40,000 are available in the Digital Edition of White Dwarf magazine from March 2019. You can download their Apocalypse datasheets from