Outcast Rebel Creeper Boxed Set

Outcast Rebel Creeper Boxed Set

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One of the accomplishments of Fartok’s Outcast engineers is to ?nd ways of repurposing the simple shells of captured enemy equipment. Such shells are made of materials of a kind that is strange and alien, quite unlike the familiar onion-like layers of metals and composites used to make the bodies of Ghar equipment.

These weird materials do have the bene?t of being exceptionally lightweight and strong even without the bene?t of powerful magnetic shields. This has enabled the Outcasts to develop hybrid vehicles that are faster than the usual Ghar machines, burdened as they are with massive metallic body shells and the inertia generated by magnetic shielding.

The most successful of these machines to date is the type generally referred to as the Creeper. This uses the shell of a destroyed Algoryn Scout Skimmer, to which is attached a low-output plasma reactor and mechanical crawler legs. In Ghar hands the machine is large enough for two crew, a driver at the front of the vehicle and a separate gunner installed behind him. The reduced weight allows the machine to operate at higher speeds and enables the gun position to quickly come to bear on targets.


  • 1 resin Outcast Rebel Creeper, metal components for crew & weapon

Full rules can be found on page 76 in the Antares supplement 'Battle For Xilos'.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted