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Plastic Cogs and Gears

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This is a mixed bag of spindle gears, crown gear, single reduction gear, double reduction gear, pulley, worm, etc. all made of PLASTIC. All consistent with each other so they can match each other.
Perfect for steampunk projectsarts and craftsjewelery makingminiature basing, etc...
Contains almost all commonly used plastic Cogs & Gears
Total Diameter of the Gears from 5mm to 30mm
Diameter of the middle holes: 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm 
Content Variety:
Spindle gear (9 types)
Crown tooth (10 types)
Single Gear (18 types)
Double gear(18 types)
- Worm Gear (2 types)
- Pulley Gear (1 type)