Rivets Texture Rubber Stamp

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2x RIVET rubber molds


Made of high quality rubber, very flexible and easy to use. These molds are heat resistant and durable.

Each mold has a surface area, measuring approximately 2,5x5 inches (6x12cm).

These molds work great with epoxi putties, resins, polymer clay, metal clay, and more. Overcooking of polymer clay may burn it and also leave it stuck to the mold. Not valid for polyurethane resin

These flexible molds will allow you to create endless amounts of rivets valid for almost all scales.

Heat resistant rubber up to 240ºC

We recommend using SCRAPERS (LINK) to remove the excess of putty from the molds without cutting them.

Contains 2 molds with 4 rivets in 5 different sizes (2'5, 2, 1'5, 1 and 0'75mm)

Includes TWO molds.