T'au Empire Starpulse Cadre

T'au Empire Starpulse Cadre

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Dynamic and supremely confident, the T’au have established a powerful empire built around their philosophy of the T’au’va, or Greater Good. Incredibly ambitious, they believe their fusion of ideology and military technology conquers all – to the T’au, there are only those who will embrace the T’au’va, and those who must be shown the error of their ways for failing to do so.

Spread the word of the Greater Good with this Starpulse Cadre. It features several units that are ideal for inclusion in any T'au Empire force, whether you're starting a new army or adding to an existing one, all for less than you’d pay getting the models separately.

This set includes the following multipart plastic units:

– 1x Commander (supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round Base)
– 3x XV8 Battlesuits (each supplied with a Citadel 50mm Round Base and a Citadel Small Flying Stand)
– 10x Pathfinders (each supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base)
– 10x Fire Warriors (each supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base)
– 1x DS8 Tactical Support Turret (supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base)
– 1x TX4 Piranha (supplied with a Citadel Large Flying Base)
– 1x XV88 Broadside Battlesuit (supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round Base)
– 14x Drones (each supplied with a Citadel Small Flying Base, can be assembled as various drone types, including gun, shield, marker, pulse accelerator, grav-inhibitor and recon drones)

This set is supplied with a T'au Empire Transfer Sheet and a T'au Empire Vehicle Transfer Sheet.