Wet Palette (AP)

Wet Palette (AP)

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Army Painter Wet Palette

The best wet palette there is – superior quality and custom designed to keep your Warpaints preserved perfectly smooth and creamy! The Wet Palette comes with 2 sheets of hydro foam and 50 hydro sheets. Special inner layer design can hold up to 6 Wargamer brushes and 10 Hobby brushes from The Army Painter range.


The Army Painter Wet Palette, premium brush storing palette with 50 Hydro Sheets and 2 Hydro Foams for Wargames Miniature Model Painting
KEEPS YOUR PAINTS READY – Whether you use paints straight out of the bottle, or you mix a lot, this handy wet palette will keep your paints fresh for days.

STYLISH AND HANDY – The Army Painter Wet Palette is probably the coolest wet palette out there. Produced in sleek black and burgundy plastic with a superb elastic safety band, the wet palette measures 20×14×3.5cm, is easy to bring along, and the supplied safety strap ensures that everything stays neat and tidy.

BRUSH STORAGE – Designed to keep 6 The Army Painter Wargamer Brushes, 10 Hobby Brushes and more, this Wet Palette is perfect for storing your most used brushes with your paints – ready for use.

EXTRAS INCLUDED – The Wet Palette comes with 2 hydro sponges and a hefty 50 hydro sheets, allowing you use for a very long time.

FOR BEGINNERS AND VETERANS ALIKE – The Wet Palette has a place in the arsenal of any Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Dungeons and Dragons miniatures painter. Whether new to the hobby or a veteran with many painting hours beneath the belt, this tool for keeping paints from drying out is sure to be a stable in any painter’s wor­kspace.