Middle-Earth SBG


'PRE-ORDER' means Out Of Stock - we'll need to order in for you.

Games Workshop stock is split into 2 groups:

TRADE: we order these items on a Wednesday at 1pm and they are delivered to the store the following Thursday.

WEBSITE DIRECT : indicated by the following symbol, on GW’s website:

These items we can order at anytime, and they are sent via economy airmail , and typically take 7-42 days to arrive in store, depending on whether they are shipped from AUS or UK.

Thanks for your attention.

Also, please note when searching for listings, be aware that searches using normal type font, may not find a match due to the special letter characters used in some of the LOTR names... e.g.  "Black Númenórean Warriors" ... so either cut and paste the terms from GW's site to try the search here, or try searching for the other words in description, e.g. for "Black Warriors"  and you should get a match with the desired item. Thanks !