What Does Pre-order mean?
On Games Workshop branded items, we have this category set to allow you to place orders for items that are out of stock. These will show as having a status of "Pre-Order" on the items website listing page. We will need to order these items in for you. If GW are out of stock then we wont be able to order it, so check their website too!
Can you order in ForgeWorld items?
NO. Despite GW and Forgeworld clearly being linked in the products they sell, ForgeWorld is an independent company and they do not support Trade accounts in anyway, so we are unable to order from them.
Can I add Notes to an order I send to you?
Yes, at check out there is a facility to add notes. This is particularly useful to use if we still owe you something from a prior order... putting a reminder note on the order is very helpful :)
Can I make an addition to an order?
Yes, if your order has not as yet been marked as Fulfilled, and a tracking number provided, that shows its now been picked up, and is with courier, ...then you have a couple of options... either; place a new order for the extra items you need, but select 'pick up from store' - so you don't pay twice for shipping, and at check out, add a note to tell us to merge with your prior order . Or, just email us with the extra items required, and we will amend the order manually.
Can I make changes to an order?
Yes, if your order has not as yet been marked as Fulfilled, and a tracking number provided, that shows its now been picked up, and is with courier, ...then just email us with the changes required, and we will amend the order manually. Or if time critical, call the store on 04 2988882.
My Discount code doesn't appear to be working?
This can be a a problem if you have logged in to the website, using a different email to the first time you entered... eg a domestic email address and a work email address. The Shopify platform creates customer identities based on email entered... so if you have entered a second email, then you will have created another account. There is not a facility within Shopify to merge such accounts. Vouchers issued are specific to the account used that generated them from a purchase... so you will need to use the same email again to redeem them online. So if your discount code is not working its worth trying your 'other' email log in. 
Please note for a discount code to work it must be redeemed against an order that exceeds their value, and does not include the shipping cost. For example:  you can't use a $10 voucher to pay for a $5 sale. Nor can you use a $10 voucher against a sale of $11 where the shipping value of that amount is $3. Hope that makes sense! 
If you are still having difficulties with a voucher, drop us a line.
Do we deliver Internationally?
At this time, we primarily ship to New Zealand, via normal website purchases.

We will also ship to International addresses, but would not be able to ship
hazardous goods such as Aerosol spray paints and varnishes.

International customers please contact us at; kapitihobbies@gmail.com with
their order requirements and we will provide a shipping quote.

International customers can pay via Paypal, or direct bank transfer, or Credit-card over the phone.
Can you Ship Dangerous Goods?
Yes we have an arrangement with Castle Parcels to ship Dangerous Goods including
Aerosol Spray Paints and Varnishes, but only to NZ based addresses, including Rural Address.
Can you Price Match?
Yes, we will endeavour to match any NZ based suppliers delivered price for a new item.
Just drop us a line with a request, and what price you've seen and where (or give us a link) and we'll see what we can do for you.
Any prices matched this way, cannot also qualify for our Loyalty scheme points too!
Do you offer AFTERPAY in store?
The shop tills are not configured for Afterpay. However, if you place your order online and select pick up from store, that will work for you. If you wish to browse in store first, then do so and once you have made your selection, then do a online order via your phone again selecting pick up from store. Once the order comes through online to us, we'll process at the till for our stock control and loyalty points, and then you're good to go.
What Courier firm do you use, and what other Courier options are there?
To try and stay competitive on delivered price domestically, we use an 'economy' service offered to us by Castle Parcels.

Castle Parcels are a division of Post Haste. If you do not appear to have a local branch of Castle Parcels, (Castle Parcels have depots in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch) you should be able to check in with your local Post Haste depot, if there are any issues with parcel delivery / pick up from depot, at your end.

One advantage we have with this service is that there is no additional cost for shipping Dangerous Goods items, typically for us being Aerosol spray cans.

We will not match prices reduced to auction levels on auction websites.
When we ship a parcel to you we will give you a tracking number for Castle Parcels track and trace website service. This number will typically be in two parts seperated by a "."

For example; N3.12345678

On the Castle Parcel's track and trace website, put the first part , in this example "n3", in the yellow box for product ticket code, and the remaining part of number, in this example "12345678" in the red box for product ticket number. Then mouse click on 'track my item', to find the tracking details of your item.

At busy times, like public holidays, especially over Christmas and Easter, please be aware there is likely to be a delay to delivery times, compared to normal services times, simply due to the proportionaly more items the couriers have to deal with at these busy times of year.

Whilst Castle Parcels are a budget parcel delivery company, you can in some respects 'get what you pay for'. Delays in delivery with this firm have been reported to us, but parcels do get through. Also Please note castle Parcels do not deliver on Saturdays.

We can also offer you a more rapid service via Courier Post. The is service level is broken down into 5 zones, determined by distance from us in an ever widening circle radius:

Zone 1 Local: Kapiti Coast : Paraparaumu to Otaki (overnight 1 business day)

Zone 2 Local Towns : The Lower North Island up to Bulls / Feilding / Palmerston North (overnight 1 business day)

Zone 3 One Sector: Wanganui / Marton / Hunterville / Dannevirke (overnight 1 business day)

Zone 4 Two Sectors: The Upper North Island down to Waverley / Mangaweka / Waipukurau (overnight 1 business day)

Zone 5 Island to Island: The South Island (overnight 1 business day)

Zone 5E Island to island Economy Courier Service (overnight 1-3 business days)

There are options for Rural Delivery too taking 1-3 business days, and also the option of Saturday Delivery.


At any time please drop us a line and we will happily check with couriers to see what is happening with your delivery, and report back to you once we know more.