When consumers need a glue they can count on, they reach for a Super Glue Corporation product. We’ve spent over forty years developing a robust line of bonding materials, including waterproof epoxies and high-performance engineering adhesives. From shoe repair and DIY crafts to heavy-duty metal bonding, Super Glue Corporation has a product for every project.

While urban legends swirl about the invention of The Original Super Glue®, in truth, cyanoacrylate (the chemical name) was discovered in 1942 by scientists attempting to design clear plastic gun sights for the war effort. The substance stuck to everything, which was initially seen as a downside. Eastman Kodak researchers Harry Coover and Fred Joyner rediscovered it in 1951, and it hit the market in 1958.

In a public test of the product, The Original Super Glue® was able to bond a car to a crane. That moment has been immortalized on our packaging since the early days. And while it does have incredible adhesive power, you can check our FAQs to learn how to remove The Original Super Glue® from skin and other surfaces. After all, accidents happen — they gave us our start!

Super Glue Corporation may have started as a hobby airplane kit manufacturer, but we have grown into a multifaceted company. We’re proud of our outstanding lineup, and we’re excited to keep bringing innovative adhesive products to consumers worldwide.