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1/35 M20 Armored Utility Car

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A derivative of the U.S. M8 Light Armored Car Greyhound, the U.S. M20 Armored Utility Car rolled onto the battlefield in 1943. The rotating turret of the M8 was removed, allowing space for passenger seats, a commander’s table, radio sets and a ring mounted M2 heavy machine gun. The M20 was mainly deployed to the Tank Destroyer units, where its top speed of about 90km/h was utilized in command, cargo, and reconnaissance duties.

★This plastic assembly model kit is based on the U.S. M20 Armored Utility Car. ★The low body with an open-top has been richly recreated in 1/35th scale. ★The passenger seats, folding commander's table, and radio sets all overflow with authenticity. ★Kit also features a bazooka, ammunition cartridges, ring mounted M2 heavy machine gun and other detailed accessories. ★Two lifelike figures for the commander and driver are also included.