1/35 M3A2 Half Track Green

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1/35 Classic M3A2 Half Track - Pre Painted Kitset

TES 650021 

Full length: approx 200mm.

[About actual vehicle]
- United States developed in the Second World War, Half truck used in allied coalition countries is M3 half truck.
- The tires on the front of the truck are attached to the tires on the front of the truck, the crawler tracks are mounted on the rear instead of the tires, and the high rough road running performance is demonstrated. The infantry accompanying the mobility of armored vehicles including tanks also played an active role in infantry who was required to have the same mobility, transportation of personnel and transportation of supplies.
- M3A2 was developed in October 1943 as a type that was developed for the purpose of integrating M2 and M3 half track which had been operated in parallel until then. However, half trucks have already been supplied with sufficient quantities, and they were not mass-produced while being formulated.
- Rear external equipment that was developed like M3A2 Rakuten etc was added to existing M3, etc. It helped to upgrade the vehicle.

[About the model]
- The model is a semifinished assembly kit that reproduced the half truck M3A2 type developed by the United States in the Second World War on 1/35 scale.
- The total length of the finish is about 20 cm and modeled plentifully to the style composed of a simple straight line.
- Painted and main body assembled. In addition to installing suspension parts and crawler tracks assembled with the rear wheel and sprocket wheel by attaching the front wheels, it is easy to complete by installing the front bumper and ring mount type gun mounted parts attached to the cargo part.
- In addition, screw fastening without using adhesive etc. A screwdriver to install screws is also set.
- Detailed details such as the driver's seat and the rear cargo space as well as details of each part of the car body are reproduced in detail and the finished toughness of the military vehicle is transmitted.

[Major features]
- Reproduce the M3A2 half truck that the US military used numerously in World War II on 1/35 scale
- Painted semi-finished assembly kit
- Finish total length about 20 cm
- Driver set with screws to assemble
- Body painted assembled
- Detail of parts of the car body as well as the driver's seat and rear cargo space are finely reproduced