1/35 Russian Anti-Tank Teams

1/35 Russian Anti-Tank Teams

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Shhh! Here Comes One

This is a 1/35 plastic assembly model of a 5-man WWII Russian Infantry Anti-Tank Team including a Degtyaryov PTRD anti-tank rifle. ★The set includes a sniper handling the PTRD, a commander pointing out the target, a soldier holding a grenade, a gunner and an ammunition feeder for the Maxim heavy machine gun. (Total 5 figures) ★Each model features a natural pose and are accurately proportioned. ★Uniforms depict those worn from 1943 through to the end of the war. ★Both the PTRD and Maxim heavy machine gun have a sharp finish. ★Brick wall section also included.

About the PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle

During WWII, Russian soldiers used many varieties of anti-tank rifles including the Degtyaryov PTRD. The PTRD fired a 14.5mm armor piercing bullet which could penetrate the armor of German Pz.Kpfw. III and IV tanks at 100m. To counter this threat, German tanks were equipped with Schurzen armor. The PTRD was used to destroy parts such as periscopes of Tiger and Panther tanks that had heavy armor. It was also seen used in an anti-aircraft role.