1/56 Churchill MK III, III 75mm, IV, AVRE, V, NA 75, VI

1/56 Churchill MK III, III 75mm, IV, AVRE, V, NA 75, VI

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Same Kit as Warlords Bolt Action Kit.

Version A : Mk. III 75 mm 31st Tank Brigade 7th R.T.R. Normandiy France 19444728 Flat Olive Drab

Version B : Mk. IV 25th Tank Brigade 51th R.T.R. Italy 1944 4726 Flat Dark Green
Version C : Mk. III “Kingforce” detachment El Alamein Egipt 1942 4720 Flat Sand 4768 Flat Black
Version D : NA75 21th Tank Brigade North Irish Horse Italy 1945 4728 Flat Olive Drab
Version E : AVRE 79th Armoured Division Normandy France 1944 4728 Flat Olive Drab

The Churchill medium tank came into service with the British Army in 1942 to support and replace the earlier Valentines, Matildas and Crusaders, which, by then, were all outdated and inadequate in terms of both armour and weaponry, easily falling prey to the more advanced German tanks. Equipped with thick armour and a reliable engine, it proved to be tough and dependable, later being produced in ever-more efficient, upgraded versions. Its chassis was also used as a platform for specialised support vehicles such as the mine clearer, the bridge layer and the flame-thrower.