Airbrush Cleaning Pot with Lid

Airbrush Cleaning Pot with Lid

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3 in 1 Clean Pot (for airbrushes)
The latest design clean pot is not only for cleaning the residual paints inyour airbrush but also provides 2 extra functions.
The cap can be used as the palette and water cap
To be used as Airbrush holder

For cleaning Airbrushes
1. Open the cap and place the filter into the hole
2. Place cleaner about 1.5cm into the pot before using
3. Attach the nozzle to the airbrush insertion port and inject the cleaning solvent
4. Then fully push down and pull back on the trigger and repeat injecting the cleanin soldent
5. Change the filter when it get dirty

For Airbrush Holder
1. Put the black holder into the small hole in the cover
2. Attach the nozzle to the holder

For the Palette
1. Use the small area of the cap to mix colours
2. Also can be used as a water container