AK-061 Mud Set

AK-061 Mud Set

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This is for one AK Interactive Mud weathering set.

This set has three different earth colors for replicating dry, fresh and wet mud effects on your model. These colors can be mixed with plaster to give your mud volume. Mud mixtures that involve plaster are best applied with a paint brush either being ´painted´ on to the surface or by loading up a paint brush with your mud mixture and using your airbrush by dispelling small bursts of air directed at your paint brush making realistic splatter effects.

Weathering effects can be seen on vehicles from almost any time period and give a realistic aspect even when we don't add any other effects afterwards. 

Note: The actual paint colors may vary from the color swatches. We have tried to get as close as possible to the actual colors, but the swatches below will give you a good approximation of the true shades.