Black Powder: Wellington & Picton (Waterloo)

Black Powder: Wellington & Picton (Waterloo)

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Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, was perhaps best known for commanding the allied army during the Hundred Days in 1815 and the battle of Waterloo. His military career, though exemplary, is not all there is to his Legacy. Having fought in over 60 battles during his career, he became a Field Marshall during the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. Following from this he would become an ambassador to France, secure his great victory at the Battle of Waterloo, a Duke, a military hero, and British Prime Minister (twice!). Quite the extraordinary career!

Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton GCB was best remembered for his service during the Peninsular War and his vital contribution to the Battle of Waterloo. The Duke of Wellington called him "a rough foul-mouthed devil as ever lived", but found him capable. Picton was highly scrutinized for his tenure as Governor of Trinidad in which he displayed tendencies of cruelty. It is thus inaccurate to suggest that he was either a hero or villain through and through. What is certain was that he was a highly capable military leader. He was the most senior officer of the coalition to meet his end at Waterloo.

Wellington and Picton come to the battlefield in these highly characterful sculpts. Wellington has two sculpts, one in full mounted majesty and one in which he is taking a well earned rest. Picton is attired as he was at Waterloo, as his luggage with military uniform had failed to arrive prior to the battle.

Contains 3 metal figures, 2 mounted and 1 on foot.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted