Block War Expansion

Block War Expansion

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This expansion for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game introduces a whole new level of play to your tabletop – the (in)famous block wars of Mega-City One!

Each player builds their own block with unique characteristics, gathers their residents together, and then unleashes them on the self-satisfied citizens of a neighbouring block - who have had everything their own way for far too long! Included are new rules for use in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game; new characters and units, new Armoury cards to add to your deck, and a brand-new Block War deck that brings the sheer violence and chaos of a block war to the tabletop – along with a lot of Judges!

The block war campaign allows players to marshal their forces, from common citizenry to the (self-proclaimed) elite forces of the Citi-Def, and then play through a number of battles that show the key moments of the block war. As the war escalates, new scenarios are unlocked, damage can be done to the enemy block, and with enough of a rival effort, you may just be able to destroy the physical foundations of a block and send it crashing into City Bottom in a fiery cloud of dust, rubble, and falling citizens.

The streets of Mega-City One have just become a lot more violent… Judge Dredd: Block War Expansion contains:

  • 80-page Block Wars A5 book
  • Pad of 100 City Block datasheets
  • 15-card Block War deck
  • Three new Armoury cards
  • Two rampaging resident figures (in Warlord ResinTM) – exclusive to this set!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted