Bloodquest (Graphic Novel)

Bloodquest (Graphic Novel)

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A Blood Angels graphic novel

Exiled for the loss of the fabled Blade Encarmine, Captain Leonatos of the Blood Angels Space Marines and his brave battle brothers set forth upon a quest that would take them halfway across the universe and to the very brink of madness and reason.

Experience the classic tale of Captain Leonatos and his Blood Angels exiles, now in full colour for the first time!

For ten thousand years, the Blood Angels have guarded the weapons once wielded by the primarch, Sanguinius. Holy relics from a time of hope and light, they are as important to the Chapter as life itself. When one such artefact – the Blade Encarmine – is lost, Captain Leonatos and his brothers are exiled from the Chapter until they can retrieve the sword and return it to Baal. From worlds at war to the very heart of the Eye of Terror, their journey will take them into battle, madness, and beyond as they face enemies within and without, and are forever changed by their adventures.

Created by Gordon Rennie and Colin MacNeil