Centaur Mk IV

Centaur Mk IV

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The Centaur IV close support vehicle was developed mid war to provide much needed firepower for a seaborne assault.

It equipped the Royal Marines Armoured Support Group and was first used in Normandy. It was formed of 2 Armoured Support Regiments, plus an independent Armoured Support Battery. Each regiment had 2 batteries thus in total the group had 5 batteries.

Each battery was divided into 4 troops, each troop consisting of 4 Centaurs and a Sherman Command tank.

Batteries were at Juno, Gold and Sword beaches with a terrifying 95mm howitzer firing a shell of 15 kilos far inland the Centaurs helped fire in the assault troops even opening up from the landing craft. No bow MG was carried and 51 rounds were provided for the main gun.