Citadels Classic

Citadels Classic

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A medieval city destined for greatness, immense power and importance beckons you. There is only one problem: it isn't built yet. This vacuum presents the perfect opportunity for you. You must wisely spend your gold, bluff, intimidate and outmaneuver your rivals as you seek to build and control this new city. 


Along the way you will enlist the help of the powerful figures of the city: the King, Bishop, Merchant, Warlord, and Architect. At the same time, you must remain on your guard against the Assassin, the Thief and the Magician... or you can use their shadowy influence against your opponents! Each round you must choose your allies and stay guarded against your enemies whoever they may be as they can change every round. 


Citadels is a game of scheming nobles in a medieval city, racing for dominance. Players must carefully balance their choice of role and their flow of gold and districts to build the best city, fastest!


2-7 players. 45 minute playing time.

Bar code: 841333102081 

Publisher: Fantasy Flight