Du-Kit 50g 101 Stone

Du-Kit 50g 101 Stone

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Original make ‘n’ bake

The easy-to-use oven bake clay that gives unlimited creative scope to users of any ability.

This unique formulation is non-crumbly straight from the packet and requires very little conditioning to be workable. It has excellent shape retention when modelling, and bakes to a strong and flexible finish.

This makes it the ideal clay for a range of polymer artist techniques, creating custom jewellery, home crafting, and everyday items.

The user friendly properties of Du-kit, gives confidence to the artist at any skill level. Even when conditioned it retains the necessary resistance for fine detailed work and is a pleasure to use every time.

Available in 24 beautiful colours including richly toned hues, pastels, neutrals, fluoros and pearlescents.

View colour chart and mixing guide.

All colours are available in 50g (1.76oz) and 250g (8.8oz) blocks.

View instructions for use.