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Styrene Modeling is the first  comprehensive book on modeling with styrene. You’ll find hundreds of tips and techniques on how to assemble and improve plastic kits. Styrene Modeling includes detailed, how-to modeling advice from more than a dozen accomplished craftsmen who have built every conceivable type of styrene model. It's a handbook no modeler should be without.

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Chapter 1, The Case for Styrene, 40 Years Later!
Chapter 2, Equipping The Styrene Workshop
Chapter 3, Working With Styrene Sheet and Strip
Chapter 4, Scratchbuilding Basic Boxes
Chapter 5, Working With Styrene Kits
Chapter 6, Kitbashing and Conversions
Chapter 7, Detailing Techniques
Chapter 8, Basic Painting and Finishing
Chapter 9, Advanced Finishing Techniques
Chapter 10, Scratchbuilding Projects and Techniques