Fatties at War

Fatties at War

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When a block war comes, Fatties can really pull their not inconsiderable weight. Improvised armour will be strapped to their considerable bulk and then pushed at full speed towards the enemy to be used as a living battering ram.

Every fat camp has a Fats Hambo, to one degree or another. A militant campaigner for fat rights, they are true believers in the Grud-given gift of as much food for every Fattie as they can stomach. Using (and bending) the laws for arming Citi-Def units, they have managed to get their hands on powerful weaponry and just enough training to be dangerous when enraged.

Box contains Fats Hambo and a Fattie Battering Ram (Resin/Warlord ResinTM) and four game cards.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted