FOW US Unit Cards

FOW US Unit Cards

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contains 59 Unit Cards

For years the US has been the arsenal of democracy, providing their allies with equipment to hold back the Germans, now it is time to land in Europe and finish the job.

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US Unit Cards (FW130U)

The Unit Cards pack contains all the stastics and rules you need to bring your armies into Flames of War 4.

Unit Cards List
The deck contains the following cards.
US Force Card
M4 Sherman Tank Company HQ
M4 Sherman (Late) Tank Company HQ
M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (x3)
M4 Sherman (Late) Tank Platoon (x3)
Uparmoured M4 Sherman (Late) Tank
M26 Pershing Tank Platoon
Super Pershing Tank Platoon
M5 Stuart Tank Platoon (x2)
M4 Sherman (105mm) Assault Gun Platoon
M4 81mm Armored Mortar Platoon (x2)
Armored Rifle Company HQ
Armored Rifle Platoon (x3)
M3 Half-Track Transport
Armored Machine-Gun Platoon
Armored Anti-Tank Platoon
M8 Scott Assault Gun Platoon
M20 Tank Destroyer Company HQ
M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon (x3)
M20 Security Section (x2)
Rifle Company HQ
Rifle Platoon (x3)
Machine-Gun Platoon (x2)
Mortar Platoon
Anti-Tank Platoon (x2)
Cannon Platoon
Chemical Mortar Platoon
105mm Artillery Battery (x3)
M7 Priest Armored Artillery Battery (x3)
M4 Sherman OP
Anti-Aircraft (SP) Platoon
M8 Cavalry Recon Patrol (x2)
Jeep (x2)
P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter Flight
Infantry Observer
M36 Tank Destroyer Platoon (x3)