Jacobite Rebellion: Bonnie Prince Charlie 1745

Jacobite Rebellion: Bonnie Prince Charlie 1745

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Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Maria Stuart, or as we shall simply call him, Bonnie Prince Charlie was the pretender to the British throne in the mid-18th century.

The last of the Stuarts he believed as did his forbearers in The Divine Right of Kings, and King he would be! Landing in Scotland with a tiny escort he raised the Clans and marched an army south into England pausing only to devastate a Government army that tried to block him at Prestonpans. He got as far as Derby and, if you have ever been there, did the right thing and promptly marched back to Scotland. He finally turned to face his adversary at Culloden Moor, the brutal and efficient Duke of Cumberland and his redcoats.

He lost most of his army at this battle, the last major battle on British soil and fled into exile and legend.

Warlord's Bonnie lad has captured the "romantic" feel of this rather tragic young man.

Contains one mounted metal miniature

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted