Late Republican Caesarian Starter Army 2023

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Julius Caesar commanded his late republic Roman legions with skill and aggression, forging them into the best fighting force of the era. Each legionary is protected by chain armour and Scutum shield and armed with Gladius stabbing sword and Pilum javelin. Renowned for their discipline and training, the Roman legionaries are implacable in the face of the enemy – crushing all beneath their unrelenting advance!

This starter set contains enough units for one complete Hail Caesar Late Republican Roman army division.


  • 2x Roman officers (metal)
  • 96x Roman legionaries with command figures (plastic)
  • 1x Scorpion bolt thrower (Warlord Resin™)
  • Full-colour waterslide shield decals
  • Plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted