MacColla "The Devastator" & Bodyguard

MacColla "The Devastator" & Bodyguard

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 Warlord Games

This is Warlord's take on perhaps the most dangerous man in the British Isles at the time...Alasdair MacColla "The Devastator", a man who went by many names, some rarely used out loud!

This legendary Highland warrior came from the Isles and grew famous for his startling strength, size and ferocity in combat. He went on to lead the deadly Irish Brigade in most of their battles in the Highlands against the hapless forces of the Covenant and is credited with creating the famous Highland charge.

Ferocious in battle, and sometimes needlessly cruel, this huge and frightening man inspired his men with his individual prowess with broadsword and targe. He formed a lifeguard of around one hundred and fifty men and had two, presumably hand-picked bodyguards, named Dubhaltach MacPhee and Calum Mor MacInnes, armed to the teeth here as you can see in all their atavistic glory!

In an age and culture where personal strength and courage counted for much, the Highland hero was still a man of standing. Warlord’s Highland hero is stripped down to just a belted plaid, so wild is his determination to close with his despised foe. His foes were legion and could be cowering Covenanters, astonished English troops or as likely another loathed Highlander from a despised rival clan!

We have our hero wielding an ancient weapon, the double-handed great sword that could smash down pikes or horsemen alike. This man is clearly the stuff of legends, bulging with energy and muscle and capable of great deeds on the field of battle. He is a dangerous man indeed…

Paint these four up and put them up against any foes and see them blanche...

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted