Maxx Darth Black Paint 17 ml

Maxx Darth Black Paint 17 ml

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The blackest Maxx Darth Paint in 17ml

Unleash your creativity with Maxx Darth Paint, a revolutionary ultra-black pigment that stands out as the darkest black paint globally. Crafted by Green Stuff World, it boasts an exceptional light absorption rate of 98.9%, surpassing any other on the market. Its high coverage and ultra-matt finish make it the go-to choice for artists seeking unparalleled depth and fixation in their creations.

It goes beyond conventional acrylic paints by absorbing light rather than reflecting or refracting it. When blended with the versatile acrylic medium, it creates a color that not only captivates but completely engulfs light. No other comes close to achieving such a profound level of darkness, ensuring that even the faintest hint of color is subdued, allowing your artwork to command attention in its purest form. It is one of the coolest effects to use on your dioramas, miniatures, and many other crafts. Your friends will be amazed.

This item is perfect to step into a realm of artistic possibilities with its super black intensity. Elevate your creations with it, as it doesn't just enhance but transform. Every shade of darkness becomes a masterpiece of its own. It is a gateway to a world where your imagination knows no bounds!

Each bottle comes with a stirring ball made of extra quality stainless steel SS316L resistant to oxidation.

Contents: 1x Maxx Darth 17ml