Mitre Cutter Tool

Mitre Cutter Tool

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Precision Multiangle Mitre Cutting Tool for small profiles and strips made of ABS plastic, Styrene, uPVC, Wood, and other soft materials. Using the adjustable angles guides you can cut any angle from 0º to 60º with real ease, placing the rulers in the desired angle loosening up the screws, and tightening when the rulers are in place. The clear disc has indentations that help the blade cleave over materials, and the measurement diagrams below allow you to cut pieces to the same size. During assembly, It is highly recommended to reinforce the union of the structural pieces with a little PVA glue to achieve a lifetime of use.

This set includes 1 reinforced cutting blade with Titanium Nitride (Ti-N). Blade thickness 0.65mm with a very sharp tip.

Recommended cutting thickness: 0.4-4 mm
Base diameter: 200mm
Total weight: 400gr.