Napoleonic Dutch/Belgian Commanders (Waterloo)

Napoleonic Dutch/Belgian Commanders (Waterloo)

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This set contains three famous commanders of the Army of the Netherlands during the Hundred Days campaign – William, The Prince of Orange; Baron Chassé; and Baron de Constant-Rebecque.

The Prince of Orange served as a young officer in the Duke of Wellington's headquarters during the Peninsular campaign rising through the ranks. Affectionately nicknamed 'Slender Billy' by the British who appreciated his courage and affability. During the Hundred Days campaign, he commanded I Allied Corps at Quatres Bras and Waterloo, an action in which he was wounded by musket fire.

Baron Chassé was a Dutchman who fought both for France and against Napoleon Bonaparte during the wars. Chassé commanded the 3rd Netherlands Division that intervened at a crucial moment in the Battle of Waterloo, sending in a bayonet charge against the French as the battle drew to its climax. Indeed, Chassé favoured the bayonet so much that Bonaparte gave him the nickname 'General Bayonet' during his French service.

A Swiss mercenary who served with distinction in Dutch service, Jean Victor de Constant Rebecque was Chief-of-Staff for the Army of the Netherlands. Baron Constant Rebecque famously countermanded the orders of the Duke of Wellington to retire Dutch troops from Quatres Bras on the eve of that battle , ultimately preventing the Marshal Ney’s French forces from occupying the strategically important crossroads.

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