Napoleonic French Guard Horse Artillery with 6 pdr

Napoleonic French Guard Horse Artillery with 6 pdr

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 Warlord Games
28mm metal

During the Napoleonic period, artillery rained death upon the battlefield with an unprecedented ferocity. Whilst the 12 pdrs were the ‘Queens’ of the battlefield, the horse artillery was the most elite of all Napoleon’s Guard Artillery, renowned across all militaries across Europe. Horse artillery entered French service in time for the Revolutionary War’s beginning. Both 4- and 6-pounders were used again, and six guns in a battery were usually supported by two 5.5 inch howitzers. Horse artillery batteries disposed of approximately eighty men, all being mounted.

The best gunners and horses in the Empire were assigned to the Guard horse artillery. They accepted only strong and black horses – to the point that late in the campaign, when a shortage of black horses occurred, Napoleon commanded that the steeds be taken from the horse Grenadiers (the senior and most prestigious heavy cavalry regiment).

Equally effective at the forefront of battle and in a reservist role, the horse artillery could reliably be called upon to rapidly prepare the way to exploit a weak spot in an opponent’s battle line, during the heat of battle.

The 6-pounder became the standard gun for light artillery batteries from 1805, and was used to deadly effect by their very capable crews. Stout and resolute, the gunners would fight ferociously if their precious guns were threatened.

Contains 1 metal 6 pdr gun and 4 crew

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted