Napoleonic French Line Horse Artillery with Howitzer

Napoleonic French Line Horse Artillery with Howitzer

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 Warlord Games
28mm Metal

The French deployed two types of artillery battery; foot artillery (artillerie a pied) and horse artillery (artillerie a cheval). The armée du nord had approximately 350 cannons, Napoleon had 246 of these available at Waterloo whilst the rest were off with Grouchy, chasing shadows. Of that 246 there were actually 150 available to line formations.

French Horse artillery batteries of the Napoleonic era had six guns, four 6-pounder cannon and two 5.5 inch howitzers. The Howitzer was the go-to gun ideally used break open formations and fortified locations prior to and in support of an attack. Horse artillery batteries had approximately eighty gunners and a similar number of drivers, all being mounted.

The uniform of the horse artillery had been very much simplified over the years. They too wore the habit veste in blue with red epaulettes and blue overall trousers. They also wore the common shako with red chevrons, and were armed with the light cavalry sabre.

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