No Peace Beyond the Line

No Peace Beyond the Line

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This 248-page book is a supplement to the original Blood & Plunder rule book and contains plenty of new content including units, ships, and additional rules.

In Blood and Plunder; No Peace Beyond The Line, you will embark on a thrilling adventure of discovery through Caribbean isles and North American Colonies to encounter indigenous people and new European settlements. The timeline for Blood and Plunder now reaches the end of the seventeenth century and sheds light upon conflicts between North and South America as Spain struggles to maintain its gilded grip on the region. 

To match the robust addition to the timeline, you will also find this book to include a full unit and faction manual with greatly expanded nationalities and independent units. And to lead these factions are fearsome legendary leaders: you can command the clever Captain Kidd, an English patriot, or the wise and cunning King Golden Cap of the Darien Tribes.

This book features page after page of expertly painted , historically -based miniatures in full action shots and displays to help players steep themselves in the seventeenth century. Accompanying the exciting new environment are additional special rules, a system for multi-player army scale battles, and a brand new campaign system!

As always No Peace Beyond The Line was produced with plenty of historical research and consultation with world renowned historian and author, Benerson Little, to ensure that all models, scenarios, and strategies accurately reflect the period.

So come aboard , roll some dice, and have some fun!

You will need a copy of Blood and Plunder rules to use the contents of this book: Blood & Plunder: Core Rulebook Revised Edition – Kapiti Hobbies