1-1/4" Carbide Cutting / Shaping Wheel - 60 grit

1-1/4" Carbide Cutting / Shaping Wheel - 60 grit

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Cut, Shape & Finish all with 1 tool!
CS4 - Carbide Cutting/Shaping Wheel. 1-1/4” (32mm)
The 1-1/4” CS4 is a strong and durable steel wheel, with aggressive 60 grit carbide on the edge and one face. Perform both cutting and shaping functions with the same tool; for example, cut and fit laminate floor & trim, create pockets in the jamb for a door strike (without splitting as with chisels), groove and bevel panels - all without having to change bits!

Cuts, shapes & finishes in one operation.
Mounted on an extra strong, steel mandrel (ESM)
#60 carbide grit coating on the edge and face of the wheel.
Use the edge for making up to 1/2” deep cuts.
Use the face of the wheel to shape, sculpt and hollow.
Can be ‘pushed’ perpendicular to the shaft to create pockets and hollows.
Minimal chipping on finished surfaces such as fibreglass and/or melamine
Very strong steel wheel. Won’t shatter.
Grit won’t tear loose.
Cuts, carves and sands great on the following materials:

Hard and soft woods
MDF, Oak & Pine molding
Carbon Fibre
ABS plumbing
Rigid and flex PVC piping
Rubber hose
Plastic garden hose
Engineered wood floor (up to 5/8” thick)
Laminate ‘click’ floor
and more!
(Not recommended for use on metal)
Versatile D.I.Y. cutting and shaping tool

Cut-off and shape planks & dowels
Trim wood/fibreglass/plastic/carbon-fibre and composites up to 1/2” thick
‘Push/grind’ and create ‘pockets’ for door strike plungers and deadbolts
Cut out air register apertures in laminate ‘click’ floor
‘Cope’ Mitred baseboard corners
Cut-off ABS and PVC plumbing pipes, plastic gutters and rubber hoses
Create slots and pockets in wood cabinets, boxes, gourds etc
Create bevels on wood or even marble trophy bases
Cut ‘V’ channels and grooves
and more!
Diameter: 1-1/4" (32mm)
Depth of Cut: 1/2” (13mm)
Extra Strength Mandrel: 1/8" (3mm)
Grit Grade: 60 grit