90° Carbide TruSander Block Sander - 80 grit

90° Carbide TruSander Block Sander - 80 grit

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The Best Carbide Sanding Block you’ll ever own!
Lasts 100x Longer than Sandpaper!
Convenient. Comfortable. Cost Effective!

HT-TS5 - 90º Carbide TruSander  5-1/2” x2” (140 x 51mm)

“I've been using the same DuraGRIT sanding block since 1998! It still works like new!”  
- John D. (Carpenter & Tradesman)

Lasting hundreds of times longer than ordinary sandpaper and retaining the same grade finish over the whole job, this long life tungsten carbide sanding block is more than just a remarkable sanding block, it is an amazing truing device, edge bevelling tool, corner rounding sander and over-all, the BEST sanding block you’ll ever own!


A ‘GREEN’ alternative to using sandpaper!
Doesn’t wear down like ordinary abrasives. Same grit grade each time you use it
Same sanded finish at the end of the job as at the beginning!
True sand and finish rough sawn edges, 90° to the work surface
Round corners quickly and cleanly
Surface sand large areas comfortably with the left hand/right hand, ergonomic wood handle
De-burr sawn edges on wood, melamine, fibreglass etc., leaving clean, crisp corners
Dust collects behind the carbide plate. Clear easily by tapping the handle on the bench and brushing with a steel brush
Ergonomic Left hand/Right hand handle design
Dust collection system built into handle

Surface sand large areas comfortably and with a consistent overall finish
‘True’ sand edges of shelves, picture frames and cabinet door edges 90º to the work surface
‘Round’ shelf corners quickly and effortlessly, 90º to the work surface
Add clean, crisp bevels to shelf edges and cabinet doors
Sand through hard glue lines, without ‘hollowing’ on either side
Sand across the grain without ‘cross-grain tear’
Use as you would a wood plane to ‘ease-fit’ wood frames - but with more control
Use for ‘every day’ sanding. Every day!

Sand effortlessly on the following materials:

Hard and soft woods
MDF, Oak & Pine molding
Engineered wood floor (up to 5/8” thick)
Laminate ‘click’ floor
Carbon Fibre
Rigid Foam
ABS plumbing
Rigid and flex PVC piping
Rubber hose
Plastic garden hose
and more!
(Not recommended for use on metal)
Grit : 80