4 pc. Modelling Carbide Hi Speed Rotary Tool Set

4 pc. Modelling Carbide Hi Speed Rotary Tool Set

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4 pc. Modelling Carbide Tool Set
These hi-speed carbide burrs are smaller and designed specifically for the modeller to get into tighter spaces and to cut/shape smaller items.  


A very powerful carbide cutting wheel that can be used (push/pull) to hollow out aircraft nose cones, ship hulls or dug-out canoes, or just perform as a cut-off wheel that sands to a smooth 80 grit finish as it cuts!
Sand with the hollow tip sander as you would with a sanding band but utilize its unique hole saw feature by plunging the open end into the work material and then  orbitally rotate for a larger hole or irregular cavity such as wing cords or lightening holes.
No need to centre punch! Drill holes in hard, shiny, curved surfaces, such as a fibreglass hull or fuselage without experiencing ‘drill walk’ as with normal drills.
So many creative uses, from such a powerful set!
Great for: RC Model Aircraft, RC Model Boats, RC cars, Dolls Houses, D.I.Y. Projects, etc.  
Now That's Versatility! 


Cut, carve and drill the following modelling materials:
Modelling plywood, bass wood and balsa etc
Fiberglass sheets and molded parts
Carbon Fibre rods and sheets
Fibreboard & balsa model buildings
ABS parts
PVC items
and more!

The 4 pc. Modelling Carbide Tool Set Includes:

Cutting Wheel - 80 Grit (SR-CW1-080)
1"  (25mm) diameter
Hollow Tip Burr - 80 Grit (SR-HTB-080)
3/8" (9mm) diameter 
Conical Tip Burr - 80 Grit (SR-CTB-080)
1/4" (6mm)  diameter
Pointed Burr - 80 Grit (SR-PB8-080)
1/8" (3mm)  diameter