5" DuraDisc™ Carbide Sanding Disc - 60 Grit

5" DuraDisc™ Carbide Sanding Disc - 60 Grit

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DS5 - DuraDisc™ - 5” (127mm) Carbide Disc with Heavy Duty Hook & Loop Conversion Kit.

Just Keep Sanding, Sanding and Sanding…

Mount a DuraDisc™ on your sander and leave it there. Mount a different grit DuraDisc™ on a second sander and change sanders, not discs.

This 5” steel backed carbide disc is so durable, it will outlast the loop backing pad (replaceable in 2 packs**) and will often outlast the orbital sander!! *

Use the DuraDisc™ on your random orbit sander or on your belt/bench sander.


  • Long Life: "I sanded 10,000 linear feet x 5" of spruce and it still works like new!” - John D. (Carpenter & Tradesman)
  • Heavy Duty: Very strong steel backed disc won’t tear or wear the same as ordinary sandpaper discs.
  • Same sanding finish at the end of the job, as at the beginning!
  • Grit will not break loose.
  • Uses: Sand wood, fibreglass and composites - or - Grind ceramic wall tile, plywood, composites, laminates etc *
  • Rigid steel disc, coated with carbide grit in sandpaper grades (46, 60, 80, 120 & 150)
  • Versatile: Use on a 5 or 8 hole 5” Random Orbital Sander or a 5” bench mounted End Sander
  • Long working life makes using a different grit disc on two sanders (and leaving them there), a feasible proposition.
  • Easy Cleaning: Remove accumulated sawdust with wire brush, uncured rubber block or synthetic wine cork
  • Heavy duty hook and loop conversion kit included with each disc
  • Pro TIP:  Change sanders, not discs and save time - As the DuraDisc lasts so long, mount a coarse disc on one sander and a finer grade DuraDisc on a second sander.  Then change sanders, not discs!
  • Not intended for fine finishing beyond 150 grit
  • Not recommended for use on metal

* In demonstrations lasting many months, the random orbital sander being used for the demo failed but the 60 grit DuraDisc that was mounted to it over the same time period, was still sanding aggressively.

5” dia (127mm)

Heavy duty hook and loop conversion kit included

Grit 60