1/4" Rounded Tip Carbide Burr

1/4" Rounded Tip Carbide Burr

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Create Holes, Channels & Slots With One Tool

1/4” (6mm) Rounded End Carbide Burr

LR-REB - Long Life Carbide Drill Bit for 1/4” (6mm) Chucks and Collets

Dimple, carve, mould and grind using this rounded tip and the long, gritted cylindrical sides. Cut channels & slots in wood, fiberglass, wallboard, compound materials, etc.

Works great with 1/4" drills at speeds up to 20,000 RPM!  Perfect for light manufacturing, repair & D.I.Y. Projects!

Use with Die Grinders and other 1/4”chuck drills.

“These 1/4” carbide burrs work so well with all the various composite materials we deal with. They leave a great finish and when boring holes and cavities, produce little to no chipping of surface finishes.”

- M. Masterson - Composite materials expert



They show little to no wear in regular use on composites. Great for use on fiberglass or carbon fibre aircraft or race car bodies.

High Performance:

Good for use in 1/4” (6mm) drills and die grinders. They are strong and aggressive, won’t fracture, shatter or bend and the grit won’t tear loose. They just get the job done - over and over again


  • rapid material removal
  • great hole and irregular cavity procurement in composites 



  • Fashioning and fitting of composite materials in light aircraft and race car manufacturing
  • Cutting apertures in composite and fibreglass instrument panels for new radios etc.
  • Detail burr for large scale woodcarving
  • Professional mold making detailing burr
  • DIY around the house and more….